Badger I.T. offers many solutions for your IT needs. We are skilled professionals that want to help you out. Our Highly experienced and certified staff are eager to help you. Whether it be a home network or a small business network. We have provided a list of things we specialize in and can help you with.

We will be providing package deals to the home and small business user. These are monthly contracts to provide our customers with a more personalized contract.We have three classes of Packages. A Basic package, Basic + package and the Pro package. These packages are contracted on a monthly basis and will provide services agreed to in each package. Click Below to view.

Packages for Home Users: Basic Package / Basic Plus Package / Pro Package


PC Consulting

We can analyze your current systems and make suggestions to help improve efficiency. 


Computer and Server upgrades

We can help you upgrade your PC or Server to either new or just upgrading parts in your systems to keep things running more efficient.

Computer Detailing

Major computer manufacturers recommend routine preventive maintenance to extend hardware life and ensure best performance. If this is not done, dirt and dust can  accumulate inside the computer. This can lead to problems such as lost data, crashes, read write errors, or even worse, total system failure. PC detailing is similar to auto detailing; it's cleaning out the nooks and crannies. Most of the time just cleaning the monitor and box is sufficient but in order to keep your computer running in tip top shape you have to have the innards cleaned out. But it doesn't end there. If you are having performance problems it may be that your hard drive is just filled with junk files such as cookies and temp files.



Networking is not only hooking computers together and servers together. Today it has a lot more meaning than just that. There are many areas of Networking today. For instance there is the cables, routers, firewalls, Security and so on. Below is a list of what we can do for you.


Programming is another one of those "Terms" used to describe multiple things. Programming can be web design. creating databases and all the way to creating applications. Below are a list of what we can program for you.

Parental Controls

Today parents don't always have time to keep an eye on their child when they are on the Internet. Anyone can go almost anywhere on the internet and learn almost anything. We can help you to make sure your child doesn't go to those unwanted sites.


Donít see what youíre looking for listed? Just ask us and we will help you with your needs!

Prices above are subject to change without notice and are determind per job.